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We supply cable ties,unreleasable cableties,marker ties,stainless steel cable ties, plastic coated stainless steel cable ties,Velcro cable ties, tie gun, tensioning tools, terminal blocks, merchandise disply hang strips, self adhesive hang tabs, wobblers, Pop holders, Metal S and J hooks & clips, Suction hooks, Twist ties,insulation tape,stationery tape,security loop, gardening tie, velcro cable ties, buckle, cable clips, round clip,
                                                         flat clip,metallic,diy tool, electrical,twist ties,suction cup,velcro,hook&loop tape,masking tape,metal s hook,clipstrip,chenille stem,pompom,tagging pin & loop,accessories,cable clips,tie mounts,wiring connector with the best price and quality in the industry
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[1.Nylon Attachment Loops]  
[2.Adjustable Nylon Attachment Loops]  
[3.String Security Attachment Loop]  

  Nylon Attachment Loops

Nylon Security Attachment Loops
  • Made from strong nylon and used for hand tagging and for any items that cannot be applied by tag guns.
  • Widely used in the retail industry. Permanently fixes items such as mugs, shoes...
  • Colour: natural.
  • Length: 120mm, 175mm, and 220mm.
  • Quantity: 5000pcs per bag.
  Adjustable Nylon Security Attachment Loops

Adjustable Nylon Security Attachment Loops
  • Can be adjusted as necessary. Same as above.
  • Made from nylon and used for hand tagging to any items that cannot be applied by tag guns.
  • Colours: black & white.
  • Length: 150mm, 175mm and 200mm.
  • Quantity: 5000pcs per bag.
  String Attachment loop

String Attachment loop
  • Made from strong nylon, used to permanently tag to items such as clothes and shirts.

  • We offer the most competitive price for our products in the industry.

  • If you cannot find what you want from our website, please contact our customer service, we will be very pleased to help.

  • We can supply customised products according to your specific requirements on colour,
    size, style and packaging... please contact our customer service to discuss.

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